Fun and energizing are words to describe how I am...Inspiring Awesomeness! Enabling Results!!

At age 51, I was an accomplished and successful professional, a CPA, CA…I achieved success, obtained promotion after promotion, only to discover that I was becoming less and less ME. There was a little voice inside of me that was crying out: “help”..which became the catalyst of my amazing self-discovery journey.

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Inspiring Awesomeness! Enabling Results!

I am passionate to inspire people to be their best – unique, empowered and limitless…and to enable them to experience profound results on their own unique life journey.

My life experiences were greatly enhanced by working in Wellington NZ, London, Munich, Zurich, New York, Bermuda and Vancouver where I honed my expertise in managing transitions (business changes and improvements) informed by my passion for excellence & empowerment, coupled with my strong business & financial expertise.

After 25 years in the corporate world I obtained my certification as an executive coach (CEC) and now combine my executive coaching, facilitation, and financial coaching & collaboration with my passion for enabling results through inspiring awesomeness!



to grow in success and significance as they navigate through life’s transition

A great way to be equipped for navigating life – one moment at a time – within the greater context of their future-focused ‘North Star Visualizations’.

My passion is to see my clients grow in profound ways, in business and in life! To help them self-discover the best in themselves…as a catalyst to experience profound results, in every aspect of their life. To truly be partners on this journey.

My clients experience the wonderful impact of experiencing the bright, warm & inviting spotlight shone on their greatness!…as my fundamental belief is that each one of us is a ‘Miracle of Me’…and sometimes we hide this beautiful gift from ourselves…and I love having the opportunity to enable people through their self-discovery journey of finding this true gift inside themselves!


    My clients experience the profound results, the wonderful impact of having the spotlight shone on their greatness! The entire coaching journey is co-created with my clients…with them owning the content and direction and outcomes…and me providing the safe container, the safe space, the context.


    Team dynamics have the ability to profoundly impact results of organizations – either in a good way or a bad way! Let’s create the best outcome for your organization…together!


    Business & Financial Coaching & Collaboration is a fusion of the best of me…in service of others…assisting with technical financial aspects (e.g. cashflow forecasting) and driving accountability throughout the organization. Recognizing that true leadership and results starts with personal victories before public victories (Stephen Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People).



Through creating a strong bond of common future-focused ‘North-Star Visualizations’, a common definition of exponential success. And by striking the right balance between a structured and a free-flowing approach.

Creating great energy and space for groups to generate profound ideas through engaged conversations, is key to my facilitation style. Balancing structure and a free-flowing approach optimizes participant engagement and exciting outcomes.

I’ve honed my facilitation skills over 25 years in the corporate world, where much of my time was spent facilitating teams, who achieved remarkable results!

I help people get out of their heads and into their hearts, as this is where the pure gold is waiting to be uncovered.

Core Values, Board Retreats, Strategic Planning, Board Governance, Board Roles & Responsibilities, Board & Executive Team Relationship Building, Understanding Financial Statements, Financial Collaboration with Focused Accountability…and Customized Sessions resulting in optimal outcomes.


reflect my passion for creating a world where people live in their full potential

Powerful Paradigms is the banner through which I provide coaching and facilitation  – enabling results through inspiring awesomeness.

My role within Impact-Coaches enables the fusion of the best of me…bringing together business leaders to learn from each other in a confidential safe space – with a common focus on growing and helping others grow.

Powerful Paradigms was founded in 2016 to offer hope and energy and excitement to people about their life journey…to show people how they can get excited about who they are! To help them see themselves from a different perspective, from a profoundly different and POWERFUL paradigm.

I am passionate about helping transition people who know they have more to offer. People who feel that there is a huge reservoir of untapped potential…but not sure what this is…or how to access this!

Impact-Coaches Inc. (Impact) is a recognized leader in business coaching founded in 2003. We partner with large organizations to manage and deliver a variety of innovative coaching programs. We take the time to build relationships with our clients and understand how their business and industry works. We have a large roster of high-quality coaches across North America and have years of experience working with diverse groups and complex organizations. We have strong coaching partnerships with professional and financial services firms, mining, insurance, utilities, public sector, etc.


I am passionate to enable each person’s greatness to be in the spotlight!

I have a keen interest in working with and inspiring leaders of Not for Profit (NFP) organizations to do the good their mission and vision invite.

Giving my time, my passions and my expertise to Not for Profit (NFP) organizations is a key component of how I pay forward within my community! Assisting these organizations that are having a profoundly positive impact in our world has a profoundly positive impact on me. Truly a win-win for all!

My philanthropic giving includes being on NFP boards, advising Boards, facilitating sessions with Boards and Executive teams, coaching Board Chairs and Executive Directors – both 1×1 and team coaching and business coaching – connecting leaders and teams to their desired business results.

I offer experience gained from many years of reporting to Boards and my many Board roles including Treasurer, Secretary, Chair of Strategic Planning Committee and co-Chair of Risk Management Task Force.

List of some Not-For-Profits (NFP) clients:

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